For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner

This past month I received three calls from homeowners who wanted me to either photograph their home or wanted to purchase the photos we had taken previously for REALTORS of their homes.

I understand the homeowner wants the best possible opportunity for their home to be viewed on the internet highway while it is for sale.  They may have seen a virtual tour or photos on a Realtor website and want that level of quality for their home.

Perhaps you made the investment to order professional photography for the listing, however, for whatever reason, the listing didn’t sell and is now expired or God forbid, you got cross-wise with your client.

This is our position, Beber Photography and TourFactory serve our REALTOR clients.  You are our priority.  You count on us to delivery the highest quality of photography and marketing to help you sell your client’s homes.

Recently, we had a homeowner ask us to do photographs of their home.  We asked, it is currently listed with a REALTOR?  They said yes.  We could then explain that, of course!, we would be happy to photograph their home.  You may pay for the photography and virtual tour, however, they will go to the Listing Agent for using the photos, virtual tour and syndicated marketing in their marketing plan.  This is what we did and we had two satisfied customers.

We also had a call from a homeowner whose listing had expired and wanted to purchase the photos and virtual tour to offer it “For Sale By Owner”.  I explained that our clients are the REALTORS and they had paid for the photos and had a “limited use license” during the term of the listing.  Should they decide to use another REALTOR, the new listing agent can contact me and they may reimburse the previous agent for their costs for professional photography and the marketing but must also establish an account with TourFactory.  With a mutual agreement between the REALTORS, we can transfer the photos and virtual tour to the new listing agent.

Then we had an email from a distraught REALTOR who, after ordering photography from us, did not secure the listing.  However, the homeowner wanted to pay for the photos and use them in their “For Sale By Owner” listing.  I explained that we do not work directly with homeowners.  You are our client.  You paid for the photography and marketing.  You have a limited use license during the term of the listing agreement.  If you are able to secure a new listing agreement in the future, you may use them.  We can archive them in your account.  If the homeowner lists with a new agent, then they may want to reimburse you for your investment and with establishing an account with TourFactory, we will transfer the photos and virtual tour to them.

We want you to know how we work.  We have your back.  You are the bread and butter of our income.  We are loyal to you and respect your work.  We are interested in your success.

We will, on occasion, do photographs for a homeowner for a Vacation Rental.  However, it is does not receive the same marketing and does not compete with REALTOR marketing sites.

Call us with your next new listing.  Did you know that TourFactory offers a place where homeowners can locate one of our valued clients?  Check this link out  Reason # 29 for being a TourFactory club member.